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The Connection: A DIY Rock Band

Bill, Mark and Tom of The Connection met at Oberlin College in Ohio about three years ago and have been making music together ever sense. Although The Connection is not a typical “punk rock” band, these three dedicated musicians embrace the punk DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality. The Connection writes, produces, and distributes all of their music. They also currently live in their practice and recording studio, which they call “home” in Northern New Jersey. In the summer of 2001 The Connection was kind enough to let me into their home to create a photo documentary about them. After three weeks of interviews and photo shoots, I understood the struggle of an independent band trying to make it into the music industry today. It seemed as if every day after the band came home from their “real” jobs they would start practicing or laying tracks. Some nights were better then others though, rather than practicing or laying tracks they would get a gig, which they saw little or no money from. Also, in the short time that I knew them two of the three members lost their long-term girl friends and one had just lost his shortly before I met them. As Mark, the drummer, would often say “People just don’t understand our passion for making music and it’s lonely at times, but that’s the price you have to pay when you’re doing what you love.”

The Connection: Mark Agrusti, Tom Francavilla and Bill McElnea

Click here for The Photo Documentary of The Connection By Tracy Gillan


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