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A documentary examining youth, music and rebellion through punk subculture.

Audio Documentary

The audio piece below is a compilation of interviews and the punk music described on the previous pages. The first interview is by Johnny. Johnny currently plays with the former founder of the punk band the D-Generation. Johnny also played with Marky Ramone and was heavily involved in the New York City punk movement. The second interview is with a professional drummer named Joe. Joe has been playing for about thirty years and lived in England during the 1970’s punk movement. He has also played with artists such as, John Cale and Hot Tuna. The third interview is with Christopher who was heavily involved in the Hardcore scene in the 1980’s.

Click here for audio documentary by Tracy Gillan

To see Johnny play with his current band click here to go to Johnny Pisano’s official website.

More information on Joe Stefko here.

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