2013 Back Rock City Installations

Bathroom Beacons: The Toilet Bowl by Tracy Gillan

Born out of frustration in attempts to find the portapotties at night, the Bathroom Beacons Project helps light your way to bowel and balder utopia. The Toilet Bowl is one of the Beacons and has a sign illuminated high above the portapotties to indicate the presence of restrooms nearby. Upon arrival bathroom seekers are pleasantly surprised to find a two lane regulation size bowling alley equipped with a shoe rental counter and classic alley seats.

The Toilet Bowl was inspired by classic American bowling alleys from the 1940s. The Toilet Bowl sign is a replica of The Wagon Wheel Bowling Alley sign in Oxnard, CA. Similar to classic alleys in the 1940s, there is an overlay ball return and manual pin re-racking. However, unlike the classic bowling alleys the lanes are trimmed in lights and the consoles run The Big Lebowski on repeat all night. […]

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The Jack Rabbit Speaks: Volume 17, Issue #30


When we’re selecting which projects to highlight in our Support a Project section, we look for ones with an extraordinarily high impact on our community. If this doesn’t qualify, we don’t know what would. Cuz yeah, finding a potty in the open playa at night? Hard. And you ALL need to at one point. So:

“In 2012, the Bathroom Beacons made it easier for the denizens of BRC to find their way to the potties at night– and we’re excited to be bringing the Beacons back this year– brighter, blinkier, and more fun then ever! As such, we are running a Kickstarter campaign to support our plans for the Beacons. Here’s what’s in store:… We have awesome upgrades planned for ‘The Toilet Bowl,’ including an improved ball return and full-color LED strips lighting the lanes; as well as plans for a BRC bowling league championship. (Start forming your teams now!) […]

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Black Rock City Art Tours

As you’re preparing to hit the road to Black Rock City, take a moment to grab this year’s Audio Art Tours brought to you, as always by the ultra wonderful folks at the ARTery…From the Bathroom Beacons to Neverwas Haul, we have it all. […]


BuzzFeed: 55 Things I Learned At Burning Man

#3 And bowl while waiting for the toilet. Image by Hayley Powers Thornton-Kennedy […]

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Images from Burning Man 2013 in Gerlach, Nevada. Image #38. Photo by Andy Barron/RGJ […]

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Wandering through Time and Place

Colorful signs announced the presence of some port-a-potties on the Playa. This one was named the Toilet Bowl and came with a bowling alley. Here I line up to take a shot. I managed to knock down all but one pin. (photo by Peggy Mekemson) […]

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Ladyish: Fabulous Burning Man Fashion

My friends were right. I absolutely loved Burning Man. I’m not sure yet if it changed my life, but it was truly spectacular and unique. I bowled on a full-size bowling lane in the middle of a dust storm while wearing goggles, black hot pants, and cowboy boots. […]

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Kenneth Finnegan’s: EPIC Burning Man slideshow

We think the coolest part of his recollection is the view of ‘city life’. There are night clubs, bowling alleys, radios stations broadcasting live interviews and hosting talk shows, cafés, and much more. […]

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Crowd Album: 2013 Burning Man – Thursday

Ten pin bowling on the playa – Photo by clifico […]

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