Punk Life

Punk Life was created from 2000 to 2003 as my Master’s Thesis Project in the Media Studies program at the New School for Social Research. The project was originally inspired by time spent working on the Warped Tour in 2000. After spending three months watching the the youth of America embrace punk rock I was fascinated by this subculture and developed Punk Life.

Punk Life is a collection articles and audio documentaries examining youth, music, and rebellion through the eyes of current punk subculture. These pieces unravel the complicated relationship between a subculture that lashed out against oppressive social norms in the 1970’s through rebellious music and style, to one who finds itself exploited today. As punk battles against capitalism, Punk Life traces the paradoxical struggles of punk subculture throughout the years and displays how capitalism can exploit anything. The articles and audio documentaries here show how the punk subculture continues to be a rebellious force today.

Punk Life Articles

Punk Life Documentaries


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