The punk movement started 1970s and challenged the social norms of society. Some would argue that the British punk movement came out of the recession in the mid 1970s, while others would argue that the New York City scene developed as a result of the idealism that the late sixties had created. Both arguments are probably correct on some level. […]

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Music Review

The most distinctive aspect about punk music is that fact that it hard, fast, and loud. This is the common thread that links punk music throughout the years together. The punks bands in the 1970’s, such as the Sex Pistols, set this tone. However throughout the years punk music has gone through many changes that often correlate to bands specific […]

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Punk Fashion

“Plastic trash bags, bondage wear, Nazi regalia, slashed clothing held together with safety pins, multicolored hair spiked up with Vaseline, lurid make-up, and, most shocking of all, safety pins worn through flesf of cheeks, lips, nostrils, and ears” (Henry, p. 80). This is a description of the fans at a Sex Pistols concert in 1976. In the early 1970s the musical movement known […]

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Filthy Language: The Sex Pistols VS Bill Gruny

In the 1970’s England went through a severe economic recession. The 1960’s revolutionaries had brought about an idealism that promised a better standard of living and the youths of this time period were angered by this false hope. Punk music, usually comprised of hard, fast and loud sounds accompanied by lyrics containing profanities, was a nihilistic expression of social disdain. […]

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Warped Tour: Action for Political Movement

One place where the punk ideology attempts to remain pure is on the concert tour known as the Warped Tour (now known as the Vans Warped Tour). This tour was designed by Kevin Lyman in an attempt to give local punk bands recognition. The tour happens annually each summer and it usually consists of bands from small and independent labels. […]

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The Connection: A DIY Rock Band

Bill, Mark and Tom of The Connection met at Oberlin College in Ohio about three years ago and have been making music together ever sense. Although The Connection is not a typical “punk rock” band, these three dedicated musicians embrace the punk DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality. The Connection writes, produces, and distributes all of their music. They also currently live in […]

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Theory Based Texts Mark Anderson and Mark Jenkins, Dance of Days; Two Decades of Punk in the Nations Capital. Soft Skull Press, New York, 2001. Simon Firth and Andrew Goodwin, On Record: Rock, Pop and the Written Word. Pantheon Books, New York, 1990. Simon Firth, Andrew Goodwin and Lawrence Grossberg, Sound and Vision: The Music Video Reader. Routledge, New York, […]

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Punk Life Documentaries

Punk Life

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