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Press 2012

The Jack Rabbit Speaks: Volume 16, Issue #20

BATHROOM BEACONS PROJECT This is just too brilliant, valuable and hysterical to NOT share with you. “We have just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the Bathroom Beacons project, five unique art installations that will be going up around the inner-playa to make it easier for the denizens of BRC to find the portapotties at night. This will be a valuable service to everyone in the city, and we would love your support in our quest for a pee-free playa! Please consider giving us a mention the the ‘Support a Project’ section of your next newsletter. If nothing else, our video is pretty amusing, and I think a lot of people will get a kick out of it. […]

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NBC Bay Area: Burning Man 2012

Toilet Bowl by Tracy Gillan is one of this year’s “Bathroom Beacon” art projects. Five pieces were set up near porta potties in the open playa to help participants find relief more easily when in need. And, these two lanes of bowling gave participants a place to hang out if you didn’t need to go, but your buddies did. (Images 78 & 79)[…]

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Burning Man Galleries

Bowling on the Playa By: kate shay Description: my camp-mate hits a few down. Toilet Bowl By: Tony Edwards (Images 1,2 & 2)[…]

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Phoenix New Times: Photos From Phoenix Artists

Artists and creatives from around the Valley were some of the thousands who ventured to Black Rock City in the Nevada desert for last week’s annual Burning Man celebration. After shaking off the playa dust and returning home, they were kind enough to share their photos of the experience with Phoenix New Times. Published on September 7, 2012 (Image 16)[…]

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The Holy Scoundrel – Burning Man: What is it?

I see a string of bright white LEDs about fifty yards away. I know that those lights mark a couple of bowling lanes (a big hit this year) and I know that there are classic hard plastic chairs taken right out of an old bowling alley at the end of the lanes and that the computer screens that normally show you your score are actually playing The Big Lebowski in rotation twenty for hours a day. […]

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Welcome To My Brain – Burning Man: I loved it and not so much

Bowling at night in the middle of the desert. Meeting a couple sitting at the lanes who had both lost the people they were hanging out with. Finding themselves in the same predicament, they decided to make it their first date. It began by watching “The Big Lebowski” together, which was playing on the screens at the bowling lanes … out in the middle of … nothing. […]

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Soffia Wardy: Burning Man: An Inside View 2012

You can expect to see astounding visionary art, interactive art and theme camps including dance venues, a bowling alley, a skate board park, a thunderdome arena, a roller skating rink and a movie theater, mutant vehicles (creatively altered cars and trucks), unimagined forms of glowing bicycles and tricycles and of course the Temple, (2 Images) […]

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Bucketlist Backpacker: Burning Man 2012

Burning Man opened my eyes to a unique utopia. Burning Man has it all. Radio station, newspaper, bowling alley, rollerskating rink, skate park, kid zone, ashram, mazes, giant see-saw and the list goes on of just pure awesomeness & randomness! […]

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In The Moment: Burning Man 2012

There is music in all genres, art cars roaming the dessert, open bars, roller skating, bowling, foam fighting, cinema’s and so much more, the place is sprawling with more things to see and do than the 7 days allows for. […]

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Watts Up With That? The Playa – Willis’ Excellent Adventure

On Thursday I continued my daily walking and misting, with every few minutes delivering new amazements … for example, the bowling alley (Image)[…]

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Loving Slut’s Tumblr

Bowling in the middle of the playa… why not?! Burning Man 2012. (Image) […]

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Core77: Burning Man 2012 – Installations

The Toilet Bowl bowling lane. Photos: Jessica Charlesworth. (Image 63 & 64) […]

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Andy’s Visual Ramblings- Burning Man 2012

A bowling alley on the Playa, this was a strike. (Image) […]

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Family Lemonade Stand – Burning Man 2012

One morning, we went bowling in the middle of the playa. (Image) […]

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Duncan.co – Burning Man 2012

Burning Man bowling. (they had the Big Lebowski playing on the score keeping screens!) (Image) […]

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Serendipity Falls – Burning Man 2012

Bowling on the Playa. Aug 31, Burning Man (2 Images) […]

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Travel Blog: Burning Man 2012

Dust bowling. Or was it the toilet bowl? A ten pin bowling alley out in the middle of nowhere, which was also next to the toilets. […]

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The Blissful, Abundant Adventures of a Professional Passionista: Back from Burning Man – Exciting News

We bowled our hearts out at the Toilet Bowl. […]

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